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American War

for Independence


The American Revolution changed not only our own history, but in time set the entire world in a direction of greater democracy. Yet in its own time the outcome was far less certain than many believe today. In no conflict were greater consequences brought about by so few. Long taught as a tax revolt that got out of hand this event more than any other defined the emerging American character. With a population less than 1% of our present, we were blessed with diplomats like Franklin, political architects like Jefferson and military leaders of the caliber of Washington. Yet what I find even more intriguing and compelling are the common folk..


This presentation was designed with the guidance of certified teachers to meet state standards. As a registered member of the Sons of the Revolution I have other at my disposal which can be employed by the classroom teacher. Members of my own family fought in the Pennsylvania line, the 2nd S.C. regiment and served with the famous Swamp Fox. In the third person (or first if the teacher desires) I present both as an early militiaman in several styles of the garb of the day then take and persona of the Continental soldier of which we are now familiar. Articles worn and explained are exacting replicas of the on the uniform originals. Get beyond the images of tax revolts and wooden teeth into the real heart and soul of the American Revolution.  Lean all the motives that drove independence, including the early history of slavery.  Understand with the help of authentic equipment and engaging video clips the dilemmas the American Soldier faced.  Watch you entire class actually become moving participants representing Redcoats and Patriots in a pivotal battle in our War for Independence.  This is destined to become one of the most sought after programs due to the 5th grade curriculum changes.  With enough lead time---and budget---I might even ask my friends Tom Jefferson, Abigail Adams, Ben Franklin and a frontiersman to join me!



  Loyalists or Tories, hated by their neighbors for their support of the Crown and looked down upon by the British they served. Who were

these Americans? Where did they come from, why did they oppose Independence? How many served and finally where did their exile take them at war’s end? This is the fascinating, forgotten and sad story of those who risked all and lost all.  You won’t find this in any of your history books! 

"Of Courage Undaunted..."

Meet Meriwether Lewis and Thomas Jefferson and hear the story of the exploration of the newly acquired Louisiana Territory!  Hear about the planning and the exploits of this great Corp of Discovery and how it changed America. 

Listen to how it almost never occurred, and how it almost ended on the plains of South Dakota.


Featuring Mr. Quick as Meriwether Lewis and Phil Lauricella as Thomas Jefferson.





The American Civil War

  On April 10 1865 a 27 year old corporal from Marlboro Co. SC stacked his arms at a former stagecoach stop named Appomattox Courthouse. He walked south with his brother “Ebby” to find his home and outbuildings in ashes, his farm in ruins. Stephen Quick had to rebuild his life from scratch. Today his ggg- grandson tells the story of the common farmer turned soldier, the hardships, the humor,  the heartbreaks and the horrors that are war. Combining first and third person storytelling this is a humanizing account designed and refined to connect “our war” to anyone regardless of their level of interest. 


A Southern Soldier


the Civil War  



The Late Unpleasantness...

Taking a look into the common southern soldier brings participants to this program face-to-face with the what's and why's of the Southern Cause. Probing first into the reasons the southern states seceded, Mr. Quick involves his audience on a journey through the politics, economics and other conflicts leading to South Carolina's secession. Probing into the Census of 1860, students learn the roles southerners played in American society with a look into the declining role slaves had in southern culture. From there Mr. Quick looks into the reasons why an individual might enlist to fight, the uniforms and equipment he would use and the various flags that soldier would fight under while a member of the 26th South Carolina.

A Northern Soldier


the Civil War

They answered the call by the hundreds of thousands, sailors, mechanics, farm boys, immigrants from Germany and Ireland and escaped slaves. Collectively they swelled the ranks to form an army larger that any we ever had up until that time. 300,000 never returned home. Their motives were as diverse as they were, and their stories still inspire us today. Meet one average mid-western farmer who entered in the belief he would be home by Christmas and found himself in a nightmare from which he could not escape. Enduring disease, boredom, terror, discouragement and finally victory journey with him through our darkest hour.   


The Border War:

Kansas and Missouri 



Buried and hidden in the great epic of the Civil War were events so brutal and men so savage that our history books rarely venture to examine them. Yet it was on the farms and woodlands of Kansas and Missouri where the irrepressible conflict first began. Quantrill, Anderson, the Younger brothers and the famous Frank and Jesse James rode into history and legend inciting passions that linger to this day. Confront the border war, a logical first presentation in any review and understanding of the Americas' most transformational conflict.



Two Voices

of the Civil War

Meet Leander Stillwell, a downstate Illinois farm boy who finds himself swept up in the adventure of a lifetime with the 61st Illinois Volunteer Infantry.  Character is researched and faithfully presented by Phil Lauricella!


Confederate first person program is derived from personal family research and the character portrayed is the ancestor of the presenter, Cpl Stephen Quick, 26th SC Inf. Co D., SC Volunteers!



For years Phil and Steve have delighted audiences

with a variety of programs spanning three centuries

of American history. None is more sought after than

“Two Voices of the Civil War


The H.L. Hunley


The Confederate Navy  


This VERY interactive program dives deep into the workings of the Confederate Navy and the inter-workings of the Confederate submarine, the H.L. Hunley. From the men who crewed the the submarine to how it was built, rebuilt, steered, and lost, Mr. Quick brings this rarely seen historical interpretation back to the surface. Participants take on the roles of the crew and do their best to operate one of the Confederacy's greatest weapons.

Suggested Classroom



From the minds of Scientific American and PBS comes a classroom activity for grades 5-8 dealing with the Hunley.

Click the link to get the activity!

Pacific Fury!


The War in the Pacific


20 years before the bombs rained on Pearl Harbor, far-thinking Marine commanders foresaw the future and began preparing the Corps for its greatest mission ever. Hopping from island to island, fighting, clawing and bleeding its way ever closer to Japan. Stubborn marines pushed back a fanatical enemy that literally preferred death to surrender. A snapshot on Iwo Jima  immortalized them forever. Learn how Japan was overtaken by militarists, hear the cries of the innocent in Nanking, China, and be captivated again by common men who became the uncommon heroes raising a flag over Mt Suribachi.

Our finest men, our finest hour at a time when defeat was not an option.

   Meet Kyle Burson representing Imperial Japan and Steve Quick of the USMC for a truly unforgettable event!  




About Mr. Quick

Often drawing on stories and struggles from his own family, some dating back to Jamestown in the 1630s, Steve Quick has developed and presented the American narrative for over 20 years. From our pre-revolutionary roots through the flag raising on Iwo Jima, Steve has created close to a dozen engaging historical programs tailor-made for schools, libraries, museums, and historical events. Credits include the Chicago Historical Society, the Kenosha Civil War Museum, a PBS interview on Camp Douglas, and dozens of schools, libraries, reenactments and other events. Born in Durham N.C.  Just miles from where Johnston surrendered to Sherman, he now lives in northern Illinois and is currently working on a Civil War novel about his Confederate namesake who surrendered with Lees' army at Appomattox.  








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"Steve Quick brought history to life for our fifth grade students through his engaging and participatory Revolutionary War presentation. Steve’s vast knowledge of the content, as well as his ability to give the historical information personal relevance “hooked” even my most reluctant learners. Authentic costumes, artifacts, maps and visuals added not only interest, but lead to concrete understanding of this massive conflict. Steve’s presentation engaged children of many learning styles, including the visual, auditory, kinesthetic and multi-modal learners. The student participation was motivating and also helped secure the concepts in our student’s minds. A highlight for all was the staging of an actual battle. Finally, the students could concretely understand the differences in the combat style of the Patriot and British forces and see how these styles impacted the outcome of the war. By presenting the Revolutionary War through the many viewpoints of the historical characters, he brought to life. His presentation challenged even my highest learner to reexamine the war from multiple perspectives. If you are looking to bring in a cultural arts event or in-house field trip that will truly enhance your study of American History, don’t miss Steve Quick’s Revolutionary War presentation. It will be a high point in your academic year"!---------Shannon Watanuki, Arlington Heights School District 25