Bring American History to Your Classroom, Museum, or Group this Year!

Our Living History Presentations have been developed to provide a hands-on, live approach to the study of history in general and our Great Conflicts in particular. Programs are designed to assist the student in the understanding of the everyday man and woman who struggled and sometimes died for their beliefs in turbulent periods in our nation's history. We feature many programs to fit your classroom needs.



The American Revolution

"We hold these truths to be self-evident....."


Revolutionary War History through the Eyes of Patriots and Redcoats!

  • Abigail Adams
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Continental Soldier
  • Illinoisans / War in The West
  • British Officer
  • General Washington
  • Tory

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WW2 The Great Crusade!

"A Thunderbolt Across Europe"!

We offer presentations about the “Good War” in your classrooms through the interaction with historians and those who recreate a living history experience by becoming one of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Civilians or Leaders of this time.

Uniformed interpreters present the views of the common man or woman of the period for your students and give them a look at what their very own family members went through, what they wore, what they ate, how they lived both in the field and at home, to help the Free World survive the horrors of the 1940’s.

After a morning of instruction, we can conclude the day with a “USO” dance experience for the students. With the cooperation of your local High School Jazz Band, we can help you transform your gym or cafeteria into an American USO Canteen for an hour or so of dancing, air raids, contests and the feel of what it may have been like to be far from home in a world at war.

We encourage the students to come to school for the day in uniform or period dress and enhance the experience.

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The Civil War

"the better angels of our nature...."


  • Full Day Civil War Programs
  • Half Day Civil War Programs
  • Individual Presenters
  • Small Group Ensemble Presentations
  • Civil War Medicine
  • A Soldier's Story: The Soldier of the Civil War Period

Civil War Soldier's Story

Civil War Surgeon

Full & Half Day Programs

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Live Theatrical Program

War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence from America's Wars
A stage presentation with and ensemble cast 

Stories of American Courage, Longing and Sacrifice.


Have a debate with the Presidents

In the Shadow of Mt. Rushmore

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Biographies of the Presenters.




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New for 2011! 

Meet Lynn Vlcek as

Amelia Earhart! 

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Part 1: Introduction to our Programs



Part 2: American Civil War thru WW1

Part 3: WW2, War Letters Program, & Revolutionary War


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